Top 10 Reasons Why Clients Choose PDG

At PRI-O-LEAU Development Group (PDG) At PDG, we work in partnership with our clients from concept through completion to define and achieve their business objectives, providing the expert advice and hands-on support required to help them succeed during all phases of the real estate life-cycle. Below are the top 10 reasons to outsource your next real estate related project to PDG.

  1. LIFE-CYCLE SERVICES: Our team of consultants offer a broad range of integrated solutions to assist investors, owners, developers, municipalities and non-profit organizations. Our services are highly personal, professional and flexible, covering the full spectrum of industry-related functions including but not limited to the planning, design, construction and management of real property.

  2. INCREASED QUALITY: Our experienced real estate consultants can better leverage your brand value and boost the credibility of your company and its management by delivering higher-quality products and services at a more efficient rate than employees who are stretched beyond their skill-set.
  3. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our clients’ satisfaction is our number one referral source. Our team of consultants are committed to maximizing value and forming business relationships that will last a lifetime. PDG’s guiding principles include excellence, integrity, transparency and accountability.
  4. COST EFFECTIVENESS: Using a PDG consultant tends to be more cost-effective than hiring a new employee. There are no recruiting fees, no health insurance costs, no vacation time, no 401(k) plans, or other benefits totaling 1.4x base rate.
  5. DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIO: Our consultants are qualified in a variety of areas, making them a “one-stop-shop” for clients seeking quality real estate advice. Some of the licenses and/or certifications held in-house include: MBE; LEED AP; NYS Real Estate Salesperson; Project, Construction & Property Management.
  6. FIELD EXPERIENCE: In addition to holding Board positions at leading industry trade organizations, our business advisors have field experience and can bring practical knowledge on-site. During site visits, we engage with owners who are not able to leave their establishments and bring the same quality services right to their doors.
  7. EXPANDED RESOURCES: When you outsource a real estate related project to PDG, you not only contract an expert within the industry, but you also tap into their network of owners, vendors, bankers, engineers, contractors, brokers and other service professionals.
  8. FRESH PERSPECTIVE: Our consultants bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the work you manage on a daily basis. As experts in their field, our consultants require much less direct supervision than employees with little experience in handling similar projects.
  9. SHORT-TERM COMMITMENT: Outsourcing a project with PDG can be done on a short-term basis. Once the project is completed, there is no need for transferring employees to new tasks, no employee terminations, no lay-offs or severance pay. Organizations who desire long-term relationships with our consultants do so at their pleasure.
  10. A MULTI-TASKER’S DREAM: Outsourcing responsibility allows you to focus on other important business functions, while our experts focus on the task at hand. Our advisors understand the needs of business owners because they relate to the challenges and opportunities owners face.