Program Delivery

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How can PDG help you?

  • Need to mothball your existing projects due to the pandemic?
  • What type of cost & schedule impact does this pandemic have on my project?
  • Have available land/lots nationwide you want to develop?
  • Looking to expand and/or renovate your office, school, or church?
  • Have available land/lots nationwide you want to develop?
  • Looking for a Tier-1 Architect, Engineer or Contractor to fit-out your space?
  • Need to develop Design & Construction Guidelines for a new Project?
  • Looking to understand “Best Practices” in real estate?
  • Looking to expand your office or sublease space?
  • Have available land/lots you want to develop?
  • Want to learn how to invest in real estate?

Consider booking Devon to speak at your next Office “Lunch-N-Learn”, Design Studio Review, Organization’s Board Meeting and/or University’s Career Day. Previous events have included Lectures, Panel Discussions and Workshops engaging with Students and Young Professionals from local Real Estate & Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Hotel Programs from Institutions like Cornell, Columbia and the City College of New York.

The Project Management Wheel

The Triple Constraint in Project Management

  1. Quality (Scope): Assess the highest and best use for an appropriate project
  2. Budget (Cost): Validate the sources and uses to ensure project feasibility
  3. Schedule (Time): Coordinate phasing for the successful completion of milestones

The relationships between these elements differ in every project and determine the kinds of challenges clients typically encounter. At PDG, we act project managers/owners reps to facilitate resolution of these three naturally conflicting areas. With our full-service capabilities we are able to provide project-specific analyses to each of these project areas.

Organizational Structure

PDG’s Leadership Team, led by Managing Principal, DeVon Prioleau, remains involved with all projects throughout the engagement, as the primary point of contact, providing over-arching leadership. He is supported by Project & Cost Managers as needed.