Lessons Learned: Top Tech Trends for the A/E/C Industry to Keep an Eye On This Year [VIDEO]

Hello and welcome again to another of my “Lessons Learned” blog series. My name is DeVon Prioleau, Managing Principal of PRI-O-LEAU Development Group, and I will be discussing the “Top Tech Trends to Keep an Eye on This Year.”

As a member of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) Industries, I have seen many advances in technology occur over the past decade. Much anticipated technologies like faster internet, facial recognition and augmented reality will become mainstream this year. Many of these trends have already been of assistance to me, and we at PDG are applying these technologies in new and creative ways — representing investors, developers and the broader real estate community across many diverse business types.

The Top Tech Trends to Keep an Eye on This Year include:

  • 5G: Although access remains limited, several telecommunications companies are rolling out 5G cellular network technology, touted as the next generation of mobile broadband.
  • Security Drones: Today, drones are being used to provide mobile hotspots, aerial monitoring for engineers and marketing videos/photos for developers. 7 million drones are projected to fly by next year.
  • App Development: Successful apps are the ones that are easy to navigate, focus on the user experience, are organized and well branded. Building apps that incorporate real-time notifications and provide content updates is a good way to increase & retain subscribers.
  • Chatbots: The concept of a robotic concierge is slowly becoming more accepted as people are finding ways to integrate “robotics” into their daily lives. These AI programs that simulate interactive human conversation have become mainstream in the luxury residential & hospitality customer service industries.
  • Automated Check-In: From retail to banking to your everyday use of the iPhone, facial recognition technologies are leading the pack as the fastest way to check in, helping reduce wait times.
  • The Latest in Automation: The latest automation tools in the accounting, marketing, and event management industries take the stress out of menial tasks like registration, email promotions, social media marketing & surveys — and automate them into a single platform.
  • Digital Privacy: Digital privacy of data is key to having a competitive edge. Several states are passing legislation requiring businesses to provide a general disclosure when collecting any type of personal information.
  • Augmented Reality: AR Technologies can be used to create interactive experiences & activities including enhancing live music, project mapping that uses lights to create 3D interactive displays on endless surfaces, and location-based components.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from my colleagues in the A/E/C industries about how technology plays a role in their daily work. Your feedback is welcomed!  Stay tuned for the next “Lessons Learned Series Installment”. Feel free to reach me via cell, email or social media. Take care now!

DeVon Prioleau

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